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Default Re: You know What really "Grinds my gears?"

Originally Posted by SwayDizzle
I don't know man...He's the star of the team. They can only go so far without him. He's like the cherry on top of a very solid team (defensively). He hasn't had that much playoff experience, so it's not fair to judge his past performances as the end all. His ceiling was high (this obviously changed after he tore his acl). And....he does make them a contender imo. If he can be close to as explosive as he was, they are contenders, no denying that.

And that there is the problem. He hasnít lead them anywhere. So to say "They can only go so far without him." Is baseless. It would be more accurate to say that they carry him. Why can that be said? because they are proving right now that they can do it without him.

If this team goes to the playoffs, and lose in the second round to the Miami heat... what would have been different from last year when he was healthy?

He has not done enough for this team to deserve this title of a "leader" that he gets.

Will he help? Absolutely!!! Is he what makes this team successful? Check their record with and without him for that answer.
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