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Default Re: 49ers CB Chris Culliver says gay players not welcom

Originally Posted by knickballer
Don't forget about Randy Moss claiming he's the GOAT WR of all time ahead of our very own Jerry Rice... Way to just shit on the GOAT player for the franchise(Rice, Montana it's a tossup really)

I don't think it's going to have any affect but it does seem like bad timing, can't these guys wait one week?

As for Crabtree he's a straight up idiot. He basically called Alex Smith shit the other day and blaming his past QB's for his lack of success in the past despite him constantly doing the following: Holding out of a contract rookie year, getting hurt, being overweight, bad hands, diva syndrome, lack of separation, etc.

But that's just the niners style though.

Moss's comments were so stupid. One - he never engages the media and all of a sudden he's going to talk and say this? And two, he said exactly in his comments why he is not the GOAT, he basically dismissed all the times he underachieved. He doesn't get it, having his talent and not maximizing it is exactly why he is NOT the best ever.

CC made an interesting comment about Moss being misunderstood, CC said he's understood just fine, the reporters see of Moss 100% what he wants them to see. It's hard to claim you are misunderstood when you act a certain way on purpose to drive reporters away.
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