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Default Re: You know What really "Grinds my gears?"

Originally Posted by Crown&Coke
They can win without him in the regular season. But the playoffs one guy can put you over the top.

You got a legit gripe, the Bulls are playing amazing together and that defense is still one of the best. But when the game is on the line and buttholes pucker up in the crunch, I want Rose out there rather than not

But look at them this season, they have won in the clutch. Guys like Boozer, Deng and even Noah have made huge plays in the lutch that have decided games.

I understand the playoffs are different, but what has he done in the playoffs thats so great? He lead the team to 4 straight loses against Miami. in those 4 games, the Rose lead bulls didnt even put up a fight.

I for one think they are deadlier now than last year because Lebron cant put the clamps on 5 players on the floor. No heroes, you just gotta gaurd everybody.
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