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Default Re: how do I make physics my b*tch?

Originally Posted by ZeN
If youíve already successfully got that bitch to fall in love with you and she knows that youíre a pimp and she respects your word and is willing to do what ever it takes to make you happy, itís pretty much a wrap at this point. A big part of being a pimp is knowing when to pull back from a bitch. See, what youíre doing as a pimp is providing a need and becoming a rock for your bitches, once they get a taste of that theyíre going to become addicted to it. If you want to manipulate your bitches properly you need to know how to give that to them and take it away selectively. If you give a bitch a taste of what she craves then take it away, she will do anything to get it back and thatís the mind frame you want a bitch to be in. You want her willing to do whatever it takes to be close to you and be on your good side.

thanks for the laugh zen, i needed a lift for my spirits. good advice tho.
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