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Default Re: 49ers CB Chris Culliver says gay players not welcom

Originally Posted by niko
They just keep it hidden. Do you think gays keeping things hidden is a new thing? Do you think it's easy to spot gay people? The Army has more people than the NBA, and until recently you couldn't even be gay, and even know it's not going to be popular. Do you think they have no gays too?
Obviously there are plenty of gays in the closet, I am saying that the NFL is not a place they would be happy as compared to a normal office job...

Do you not think percentages can be skewed because of the type of job?

Would you be shocked to learn there is a high % of gays that are hair stylists?...if that doesn't shock you then why would you be shocked to learn there is a low % of gays in other professions?

you think there are an equal amount of gays through out every occupation type?...if so you're wrong
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