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Default Re: You know What really "Grinds my gears?"

I agree that Rose got too much credit for the Bulls' turnaround when a big reason was their defense/becoming becoming elite, but this team could definitely use his offensive impact. The Bulls last year were a legit contender IMO because they were good at both ends, and if they didn't get hit by injuries I wonder how far they could've gone. This year, they're still good defensively despite losing Brewer/Asik, but they've fallen off on offense... that's where his impact is felt. They were a cohesive unit with Rose last year offensively and the ball movement was much improved from a year before, but now they're sorely missing that. He would've been the difference between the Bulls being a playoff team and a contender depending on how he developed.
Originally Posted by SilkkTheShocker
LeBron owns Rose's soul
This is like saying THE SPURS OWN LEBRON's SOUL a couple years after the fact, as if he can't get better

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