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Default Re: Who will be the best QB 5 years from now?

Eli has two rings but he's never been as good of a QB as Rodgers. The correct answer here is Aaron Rodgers. He's not even 30, yet. Brady and Manning are in their mid/late 30s and they're still elite. No reason to think Rodgers won't still be elite in 5 years. Eli will be 37 in 5 years. He could still be elite or close to elite, though.

After that, it'll be interesting to gauge the progression of Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco. Then you've got the young crop of guys like Kaepernick, Newton, Luck, Griffin, and Wilson. I don't think any of them will be as good or better than Rodgers, but there's a chance some from that group could catch and surpass Ryan and Flacco.
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