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Originally Posted by Aussie Dunker
Now that Prince has departed, where does he rank among the all-time Piston greats?

#5 games played
#5 three point field goals
#7 blocks
#8 points
#10 rebounds
#10 assists

If it was me? He would be in our all-time 12 man rotation towards the end of the bench...

Thanks for the great service and loyalty

My three favorite players are Grant Hill, Richard Hamilton, and Tayshaun Prince. I wish the Pistons would offer them and Chauncey each a 1-day contract when it's time for them to retire like in other sports from time to time.

I'm going to miss Tayshaun, but look forward to what the future brings and hopefully I can find a new favorite player. Maybe that guy will be Drummond? I just find myself enjoying wings more than posts.
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