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Default Re: Rifles make up 4% of gun homicides...Handguns make up 72%

Originally Posted by bmulls

How many times do I have to explain this to you?

These are the SAME gun, a Ruger Mini 14. They shoot the same bullet, hold the same magazines, have the same action, have the same barrel, etc etc.

There is NOTHING the second gun does that the first does not. The black stock, pistol grip and all the rest of the tactical bullshit is for looks and ergonomics. It looks cool and it's more comfortable to hold a pistol grip.

That's it. Period.

There is no +5 damage to little children bonus for a pistol grip. A black stock does not grant +10% to murder.

This is not Call of Duty.

Get this through your head.
We had this conversation before. Initially, you stated that there was no difference between the two other than the case and color. I said the grips make the second more accurate. You have obvioisly come off your original stance and use the term "comfortable". So there is a difference. The second allows more "comfort" in your words, and thus makes it easier operate. The bottom line is there is a difference. Slight but it is.

Its the same a saying a Shelby GT500 and Mustang GT are the same. Theyre both Mustangs, but more is involved in the Shelby.
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