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Default Re: I'm quitting smoking.

Originally Posted by RidonKs
I was walking to work the other day and I exhaled my cig smoke over my shoulder, directly into the face of a middle aged woman riding her bike. She started coughing and I got out a quick sorry, which she just laughed at. That was awkward.

G'luck on your mission. What's your history? Lifetime smoker? How much do you smoke?

I'm only smoking a pack per week - as dictated by a strict self-enforced rule of only buying on Saturdays - so I still feel like I can quit whenever I want. I did for about three weeks back in early December. I'm a young smoker though, so I'm still enjoying the pros much more than I'm weighing the cons. I'm sure there will be a gradual shift over my life and eventually I'll convince myself to give it up. The limits I set for myself are really helpful though, and stop me from absentmindedly going overboard.

Exactly how I am, the way i limit myself even more is I only smoke when im driving, so usually ill only have 2-5 cigs a day.
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