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Default Re: how do I make physics my b*tch?

Originally Posted by highwhey
Started checking out some of their videos thanks. Prof told us not to rely on videos though, since we should be trying to grasp the concepts ourselves
He's right on the grasping part, but videos help from time to time, especially when you're stuck. My brother is majoring in Physics, he's one of those "really gifted" ones in a unique university program. Thing is, growing up, he was nothing special - especially in the math department. I ask him all the time, "The fuck is your secret? Do you have a master switch or something?"

He tells me that shit just makes sense, that it's really 'simple'. I give him a dull stare, he goes back to owning the shit out of his Advanced Physics and Mathematics courses (the guy doesn't even go to his classes?!?). All I can really say is, practice does make perfect. My brother has a work ethic of legends. It's unfathomable what this guy accomplishes on pure will-power alone on a daily basis. This is the type of work ethic guys who swallow ADHD medication try to achieve.

So want to make physics your bitch? Work. Anytime - all the time. Good luck.
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