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Default Re: What's the scariest or most disturbing movie you've ever watched?

real talk.....

I got Paranormal Activity BRDVD right when it came out....I didn't realy hear anything about the movie except for a couple reviews when it first came I didn't really know what to expect

I was at home at night and started to watch it, ( I got a pair of Turtle Beach surround sound headphones I could only hear the movie)

when they frst started to hear bumps at night.....I had to take off my headphones and turn all the lights I had to check all the rooms and closets...turn off the movie.....and had to watch SpongeBob before I went to sleep............and had to wait until the next day when it was daylight to finish watching....

I turned straight B1tch Move that night....

as a kid....Friday the 13th and Exorcists/ Amyteville Horror were all really scary.
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