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Default Re: Earl Clark a free agent after the season

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I would love to agree with you guys, especially because I hate Stern......but Jimmy hired 2 really horrible coaches and I really don't think it would've worked......even with CP3.....I mean have you ever in your life seen a team this bad with this much talent? This is more talent than Phil, Sloan or Pop ever had.....and we can't even whiff .500

The coaches would've made it difficult anyway around it. I agree there. I think if the Lakers would've landed CP3, they still would've landed Howard. They would still have an improved Artest. We wouldn't be worrying about how to move Pau right now. We wouldn't need Kobe to be the playmaker. Not to mention all the people's feelings that got hurt with that trade too.... Looking back on things, that was really the beginning of the end.
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