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Default Re: Browns fans I offer you a solution to your QB woes: Alex Smith

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
How good is Smith really though? I mean like without Harbaugh?

Without him he was seen as a bust and ever since he became HC, Smith started to develop like a solid QB. Not a #1 overall type but solid.

I've posted about Smith's career alot on here it seems(different posters can confirm this) and I've never seen a QB go through the shit he has. He started his career with a defensive minded coach(Mike Nolan) who threw him under the bus his third year after Smith tried playing with a separated throwing shoulder in the season. He was surrounded by the worst possible worst offensive coaches a QB can have and that's crucial to a young QB's progression and don't forget Alex Smith was extremely raw coming out as he played in a spread offense in college(Urban Meyer). Norv Turner was the only competent coach Alex had in his career Pre-Harbough and after he left for San Diego Jeff Hostler and Jimmy Raye were the two next offensive coordinators and they were as clueless as a offensive coach can get.. They literally ran the offense like a JV team and I've never seen such vanilla play calling in my life.

Then you have Mike Singletary who's basically a poor man's Harbough(without the brain) as a coach. I don't need to explain why he failed as his offensive philosophy was "41 counter hit em in da moufff", not a QB evaluator to say the least. Then there's also the injuries which set him back.

I don't like how people say Smith is a product of Harbough's system because all players are a product of their system. Would Brady have been the player he is today with out Bellichick? Would Kaepernick look like a stud without Harbough?

Harbough did what any sane and competent coach would have done with Alex Smith and he fixed his flaws. He turned him into a solid pocket QB, fixed his turnover problems, made him practically the most efficient QB in the league, etc.

I think he's the perfect West Coast QB and he can also play in a Chip Kelly system.
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