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Default Re: how do I make physics my b*tch?

I was right there with you 6 years ago buddy. I somehow got an A on my first physics exam (I even made a thread on it I was so happy). But I got a C/D on the next two and ended up getting a C in the class. I was fine with that. I knew from then on that I had to work my butt off just to get by in a class.

The only thing I can say is you gotta work at it. If your book has a study guide. Use it. If your book has practice problems/examples during the chapter, go through them.

Send an e-mail to your TA asking if he/she has any tutoring time open. I hope he/she speaks english well. Are there tutoring places outside campus? If you can afford it, go to them.

From my experience, the first physics test is really easy. It's all just distance, velocity (1st derivative) and acceleration (2nd derivative). After that, you add friction, newton's law, kinetic energy, potential energy, it can get a little difficult.

My professor didn't use numbers for his tests. All his problems were symbols so you really had to know your shit.

Just wait for physics II...electricty, magnetism and optics. I'd take that at a community college if I was you.

Oh and to answer your question, you will never make physics your bitch. But it will be nice enough to you to let it pass if you work at it.
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