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Default Re: how do I make physics my b*tch?

Study-every-day... Make notes, be organized and make it a habit. Study with friends.

Push yourself man... When I was in highschool I took an advanced math class and my teacher was telling me to drop it... My coach was my physics teacher and he told me to drop his class otherwise i'd be ineligible to play...

I never took school seriously in high school I use to dream big about playing in the NBA. It was my life, 24/7... My boys would go party, I'd be in the gym... Then I blew out my knee junior year and was never the same... So in my senior year I pushed myself to work hard in school and my grades went up, was able to get in to a decent school for Structural Engineering and graduated with honors. Ended up with a 3.85 CGPA, got a couple scholarships (was still overlooked on some scholarships because I didn't participate in those school activities or suck up to the teachers like other kids) and now i got a good ass job making double what my teachers were making in my first year. Just turned 23 and I'm caking...
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