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Default Re: Just suffered a Shoulder Subluxation

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
no i had an "orbital floor fracture", way more serious than a regular orbital fracture. I was scared as hell because there is a chance that people go blind or there vision becomes severely impaired if not done correctly. My doctor had fairly good reviews though so I guess you're in a different situation.

The only thing I can tell you is do your research. Try some clinics and see what they say in terms of who's a good doctor to go to. If you are not comfortable with him you don't HAVE to. Mine I didn't really have a choice because surgery HAS to take place EXACTLY between 10-14 days after the injury so I lucked out getting a good one.
Well everything turned out well for you I'm guessing?

I'm definitely looking around, got a few names that were referred to me today and one of them looks real good in terms of reviews.

But you are right man, can't take a chance on a bad doctor.
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