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Default Re: Rate your conversation/speaking skills with this scale

Alright, let's think about this for a second. If we're asking the general ISH population, there's only a select few who come to mind, and it shouldn't be that difficult to arrive at who's the cream of the crop.

I emphasise crop because we're talking about the great state of Iowa, and who other but ISH's very own LamarDooms to put under the limelight. I mean, he's out there in Hollywood making dreams come true. Small town country boi transformed into Los Angeles superstar, and no, I don't mean the Black Mamba.

To be in such a talented, skillful, prolific position, you must be well equipped with convo skills, speaking... whether it be public or formal party speaking skills, etc. When they first introduced the red carpet in the celebrity universe, they had dudes like Josh (LOL, of course not me, but LD who is also known as Josh in RL) in mind.

So while he's way too modest to rank himself in these skill sets, we can all commonly arrive at the consensus he's top dawg in these much needed Hollywood attributes when it comes to being a successful all-my-dreams-are-coming-true superstars such as homeboi.

... oh but wait, me making this post is frowned upon, but he can make a random diss at me and nothing is thought of it. Yeah, double-standard card. LOL, thought so. All good.

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