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Originally Posted by OliverThizz
The will also have cap space because they are still paying Brian Grants contract due to the "Allan Houston" rule and it will be expiring next year.
If Lebron wants to sign w/ the Lakers that would take them way over the cap given Kobe's and Lamar's contracts (assuming Bynum options out at 08'). People forget Odom is make upwards of like 12-13 million a year. The cap is like at 49.5 and Kobe and Lamar take up 63% of that. Assuming we are able to get Lebron for a standard 5 year contract ala Wade (~85 million for 5 years) this puts the Lakers over the cap w/ just 3 player's contracts. I'm sure there are financial tricks to save a million here and there but the fact remains that the salary cap was designed to prevent this kind of talent imbalance. Lebron + Kobe + Odom would likely take them to the Finals and probably win a championship.
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