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Default Re: Rate your conversation/speaking skills with this scale

... I mean all the joking and bullshit aside ... let's just all keep it real. LD, Josh, or whatever you want us to refer to you as - when are you going to actually "make it" in this Hollywood dream (dream, yeah, I think that sounds about right, being in the literal sense a fantasy world where things only happen in the mind, and not in an actual RL setting).

I want to be a fan, I really do. I want to be a LamarDoom, Josh, whatever it is. I want to be a believer. Make me, make us belivers Josh. What's your next big project. When is your next "oh I'll be appearing in episode 11 for three seconds" and you just happen to forget to mention to us in between all that you'll be taking coffee and lunch orders for B level silver screen nobodys who talk down to you... I'm confident you'd be rolling off toilet paper and literally wiping the asses of these idiots you're aspiring to be if that's what it takes to put you on the same who-gives-a-fu*k pedestal they're on. Where is your pride man?

LOL, I can't wait until you (and the poor man's LamarDoom starface) MAKE IT and you can look back at all this blow up in my face. My God, I can't wait. Please, sooner than later, let it happen. Please.

On a final note... he will completely dodge my actual ? and he will start his own diss campaign. Make note, he will not address his current career status, his progression, or any of that. It'll be about insults back towards me, etc. I'm trying to gather some info on him and his Hollywood shit going on, but I'm confident he'll do whatever he can to shift the focus away from that. We'll see though.

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