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Originally Posted by Euroleague
Another lie from you. He retired several years ago and he played much less than the current core of Team USA did. The core of Team USA of this era played way more in national teams than Diamantidis ever did.

Buzzzzzzzz! Wrong again. Lies, lies and more lies. Diamantidis participated in
2003 Eurobasket
2004 Olympics
2005 Eurobasket
2006 World Championship
2007 Eurobasket
2008 Olympics
2010 World Championship
That's 7 tournaments he participated in.

By the "core" of Team USA you must mean James and Anthony because they have played the most games for team USA this decade. The participated in
2004 Olympics
2006 World Championship
2007 Americas Championship
2008 Olympics
2010 Olympics

So they played in 5 tournaments, Diamantidis played in 7 yet he played less than the core of Team USA. Another bold face lie which you have been exposed telling.

And after James and Anthony the next "core" members of team USA I guess would be Kobe, Paul, D-Will, Howard and Wade and they all only played in 3 total tournaments and any one else less than that (unless we include Kidd but even he only played in 5).

But nice try lying troll.
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