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Default Re: Tayshaun and Daye for Calderon

That's not enough for me. If Detroit did that we may as well throw in the towels for the next 5 years. I like Afflalo, but he isn't a SG who is going to get you through the finals. I like Johnson, but I don't know why Toronto would give him away when he's been playing well for them. I also don't know why Orlando would want Stuckey. They may have to trade Reddick, so you would think they would want to keep Afflalo. The whole thing doesn't get any of the teams to where they want to be. We're going to need a guy at SG or SF who can really put some points up. I think once we see this team with Calderon and see where we end up in the draft, then we'll be able to figure out how to address the weak spots.
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