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Default So my views on religion have changed a tad bit...

I'm sure many of you have seen me in religious arguments as an atheist and mocking others for their religion and all that.

Just to preface: I don't believe in a God, a religion, or a deity.

So my gf and I have been going with some friends to the "atheist club" over at the university. They have some decent discussions and what not. Last night some christian students and pretty much everyone else against them were debating whether so and so things from the bible are valid or whether Christianity is inherently evil,etc.

Ironic though, atheists can sometimes be the most closed-minded people of them all. This one guy called everyone in the middle east "savages who know nothing about civilization".

I realized in the middle of all this...what is the point of arguing all this and whether it is valid or not? One person for and one against could sit there for 24 hours every day and still not agree on anything.

I think the debate has taken a pointless turn in that respect. I think that what has to happen with religion and non-religious people is a certain understanding for the betterment of society. I have no problem with anyone worshiping anything, even if I think it's completely wrong. I think that everyone should believe what they want, BUT the debate should center on how people can still follow all the laws of society, show respect for those of other religions, and not promote the hate/resentment of arguments like I saw last night.

Point blank, I have more respect for a religious person who practices good values and is respectful of others than some atheist ass hat that thinks he's smarter than the rest of the population and better than others for not believing in a religion. I see a lot of those people and I have to say I can see why religious people don't like atheists even more.

Overall, I still wouldn't believe in any religion or god, but I can see that people follow a religion as a code of ethics and beliefs and for the most part do so peacefully. We must work with them to ensure they evolve as society does and that religion/non-religion can coexist in the same realm.

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