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Default Re: how do I make physics my b*tch?

You will just have to accept the fact that physics will be tough, but keep in mind that it is all logic-based. You should think very systematically to take apart the problem and piece it back together logically. Concentrate from that aspect.

I had a tough time with Calculus myself. I took Calc 1 and 2, just passed with C+'s in both. I was also considering a physics major, but I just didn't want to deal with Calc 3 (advanced calc they called it) and more advanced level math that I changed my mind. It takes a lot of practice and re-doing problems over and over to get it down.

Originally Posted by miller-time
Sometimes it is good to start from scratch too. If you have time of course. Often I miss very simple things at the start of a course and as it goes on it becomes more confusing. Then I go back to the start and rebuild, often the pieces fit together better the second time around because you have some perspective on where they fit in, or where they will fit in later on.

Miller-time is right btw - that ultimately helps you a lot because you had time to think about it and look at more advanced problems. The issue is for the short-term early on when you have nothing to look back onto or build onto. You might blow first exam if you miss a lot of the simple details. If you never figure out the earlier pieces though then you will blow subsequent exams too since the problems become more complex. You have to be very careful to not let it stack up. Trying to learn something at last minute will be nightmare...

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