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Default Roberts Rebellion

Roberts Rebellion

Mad king Aerys has called for the heads of Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark. Each of whom has fled the Vale and returned to their homes.

You, the player, can continue the path laid out before you in the books or re-write history.

The North - Starks
The Vale - Arryns
Storms End - Baratheons
The Reach - Tyrells
Dorne - Martells
The Crownlands - Targaryens
The Westerlands - Lannisters
The Riverlands - Tullys

You have 10 rounds to make allies and enemies, to conquer or to lose.

The head of every realm must send me a pm at night to tell me what moves they want shown in the morning and what moves they are making behind everyone's back.

You must decide among your allies who will be king and queen, hand, etc..

you are all given an army scaled down from the actual numbers in the book.

The North has 15 units
The Vale has 15 units
Storms End has 15 units
The Reach has 15 units
The westerlands has 15 units
The Riverlands has 15 units
Dorne has 15 units
Kings landing has 15 units

You may split up your units leaving some home for defense or all home for defense likewise you may move all your units out for conquering or only a fraction of your force. The higher number will win the fights. Also, you only can move units to countries they border.

How the action happens. When a nation or nations decides it will move to attack they will first attack the open region, if they are victorious then they must attack the capital to take over that region. Each capital has 20 units to defend. If your capital is taken, you're out of the game and conquered. Conquerors will decide who will sit as head of the capital. Whoever is involved in the sacking of a capital will receive 15 units. The new units must start out in your home region.

If you lose an attack, your army is sent home you will receive reinforcements after one round. Be wary on your attacks, should you be sent home weak or leave no body home to defend your realm, other countries may decide to attack and take over while you're out fighting.

You can choose to take over the iron throne or just neighboring countries declaring yourselves king of a region.

Contact with the three eyed crow! Sometime during the day you must send me the finalized order of all your plans (for that turn, you are encouraged to backstab as many times as you feel necessary..) If you want it announced you're moving an army but really you're not, I will announce that your army has advanced and only once a battle begins will I announce that in fact there is no army there (but you must tell me!). This should make you want to keep open lines of communication with everyone.. just in case.. or are they lying to you??

I don't have all the heirs right now, I'm sure we can figure it out along the way. This isn't a finished product but it should serve as a way for future games.

After 10 rounds.. we'll see.. we can continue the game or just let things land where they land.

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