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Default Re: Browns fans I offer you a solution to your QB woes: Alex Smith

Originally Posted by knickballer
49ers will need to make a decision by May 1st(or was it April?) or he'd be due a large roster bonus and I don't think the niners will pay a backup QB $8 million.

Of course the Niners would want something in return but what's the driving price if teams know if he's going to get cut? Hopefully the Niners treat him with some class and let him decide his next team and not royally **** him over again.

They are in no rush whatsoever.

They would be paying the backup 7.5 mil. But would get an entire year to trade him before dealing with Colin who CAN'T NEGOTIATE until the end of next season. So really the QB's together would be making about 8 mil. If I'm GM I have no issue with that. Add Willis' contract getting much lighter on the books and that cap danger they are in now is lightened even with Alex on the squad.

They reason they cannot and will not let him go has less to do with his value on market and more to do with ensuring he doesn't end up in Arizona. They would like to dictate where he goes and if it also includes a 2-5 rounder then it's just icing. Even if no one bites right away you have the best QB situation in the league until someone does.
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