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Default Re: Has kyrie become the most loved player on this forum?

Originally Posted by sixer6ad
U a Dumb A--. Seriously.

People absolutely love Derrick Rose; he's a freaking stud. You would ONLY hate on Irving with stupid crap you've posted because you are worried that Irving is closing in on him as best in the league.

Literally HUNDREDS of NBA stars have toiled through their early years on bad teams.

Stop being stupid - if that's possible. There's not one true NBA fan who is posing a Rose vs Irving battle. They are both great players in different circumstances.

Some posts on this site are just amazing.
On this site Rose has been getting hate even before he played a game in the league. They are always trying to prop someone up as better than Rose, which is fine, but they don't give Rose credit when he goes out and shits on said player. They just say it was his team.

We are used tot this, but Kyrie is getting the same exact hype and that's not fair to him.
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