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Originally Posted by Euroleague
No you just LIED again and got caught LYING again and continued to LIE more.

Diamantidis 2003-2008 = 5 years + 2010 = 6 years

Team USA core 2004 - current time = 9 years / 2006 - current time = 7 years


I don't know what more to do. I posted every tournament all those players were in and showed that Diamantidis played in 7 and Spanoulis played in 8 and the most any American played in was 5.

Of the Team USA "core" of 2004 only two players (Anthony and James) have played in the most recent tournament (2012 Olympics) and only one (Odom) played in the tournament before that (2010 WC).

Spanoulis- 8 FIBA tournaments
Diamandtidis- 7 FIBA tournaments
James and Anthony- 5 FIBA tournaments
Paul, Wade, D-Will, Chandler and Kobe- 3 FIBA tournaments
Durant, Love and Westbrook- 2 FIBA tournaments

Yet I am the liar? Okay
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