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Default You're the Dictator, King, Emperor, President, etc - upstarting a brand new nation...

Let us know:

Name of your country.

What colors would your country flag represent? Any particular designs, objects, symbols, etc.

Name of your capital city.

Approximately your national tax rate.

National animal (which could include mythical creatures, or even dinosaurs).

National song.

National movie.

National book.

National slogan/motto.

National cereal.

National religion (or list atheist).

National fruit.

National vegetable.

National mixed drink.

National beer.

National vehicle/car/manufacturer/model, etc.

National Street Fighter character.

National Mortal Kombat character.

National Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

National emoticon.

National firearm.

National happy hour.

National woman (i.e. blonde, brunette, redhead, Latina, Asian, Ebony, etc).

National sneaker (brand and/or pair).

... please, by all means, add anything you'd wish.

I'll add my answers later.
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