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Default Re: The most underrated hip hop album of the 90s

Originally Posted by andgar923
It rarely gets mentioned at all. Look at any of the top lists and it doesn't make the cut on most lists even tho chances are its better than most on those lists.

It has a great story, very entertaining, funny, engaging, sets the mark for what a hip hop concept album should be. One that hasn't been matched yet. Hip hop's equivalent to The Who's Tommy, Radiohead's OK Computer etc. Off that alone it should be hailed and always mentioned whenever rankings or lists are brought up, yet it isn't.

Every beat, every performance is great. From the background actors (voices) to the rappers, all on point.

I think Everlast's part/track is pretty damn dope. I'm not a big Everlast/House of Pain fan, but Everlast really comes correct on that album in his track.
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