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Originally Posted by gigantes
after doing all that he'll pretty much be a lock to replace mike goldberg.

what's it feel like to be nearly famous already, fpliii?

Joe Rogan is much more knowledgable. :P

Anyways, Fpliii it wont take much of your time, you can watch the highlights at least.... i just think you would appreciate and understand MMA today much better if you could of witnessed the evolution yourself, one of the most important figures in that evolution aspect was Royce Gracie who was the first guy to present BJJ to the UFC... watching early UFCs you will see how devastating BJJ was upon ANY martial arts/artists that didnt know BJJ (and basically nobody knew it back then except him).... it was just hilarious, watch a one dimensional fighter constantly prevail against 500 lbs Monsters or Wrestlers or Boxing, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Karate, TKD etc. experts... simply because he knew BJJ and they didnt...

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