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Default Re: How Many InsideHoops Rep Points Do You Have?

Originally Posted by DaHeezy

Who's us? It's just you buddy. Quit talking you have have this army of followers behind you. And don't log in under an alter to agree with yourself.

Face it, if a newb came in and followed this thread he can clearly see you're WAY more obsessed.

LOL, enough is enough. I mean, you even came in this thread and said "I don't even post in these threads ANYMORE" ... already right there alone admitting self-guilt that YOU DO AND HAVE IN THE PAST posted in these types of threads.

Which was a lie in itself, because here you are, posting in these types of threads, yet again, and oh, surprise surprise! You were complaining about the rep system! Wow! No way! Really!?

It's amazing how you just self-pwn yourself, over and over again, and yet you keep coming back like a helpless puppy dog looking for love. You gets none.

LOL, idiot.
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