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Default Re: The official Raptors basketball game thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
That's the biggest issue for me. Had another GM made the exact same move, I might have some of the same questions about it that I do about this one, but i'd probably say to myself "well, he probably has an overall vision of what he's gonna do with this team next, and i'll wait to see all the totality of what moves he's gonna make before I rush to judgement." But with BC we all know it was just a matter of, the first big name guy available to us we snag him. Whether it be Gay or Gasol (it probably could've been Gasol if they were more willing to let go of him). It'll put more fans in those seats and may result in a few more wins, so BC did what he set out to do, line himself up for a new contract. I can only hope that one day all the random pieces he throws together magically become a contender but I doubt it.

Gay fits this team SO much better than Gasol - based on age alone.
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