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Originally Posted by Euroleague
Odom and Kidd are not part of Team USA core and never were. You ****ing moron.

Greece does not use the same players every tournament you god damn snake. **** YOU AND BURN IN HELL!

What do you mean by core? You seem to suggest that US players have played together longer than other countries. Let's do it this way. Let's look at the top 5 national teams in the world and see how many players they had from 2004 that played in the most recent tournament in 2012.

USA- 2 (James, Anthony)
Spain - 5 (Gasol, Fernandez, Calderon, Navarro, Reyes)
Argentina - 5 (Ginobili, Scola, Nocioni, Gutierrez, Delfino)
Greece - 3 (Spanoulis, Zisis, Fotsis)
Lithuania - 2 (Jasikevicius, Songailia)

So you see in 2004 the USA, with Lithuania had the least amount of players out of the top teams to play in 2012.

And how about for 2006.

USA - 3 (James, Anthony, Paul)
Spain - 7 (Gasol, Fernandez, Calderon, Navarro, Reyes, M.Gasol, Rodriguez)
Argentina - 6 (Ginoblili, Scola, Nocioni, Gutierrez, Delfino, Prigioni)
Greece - 3 (Spanoulis, Zisis, Fotsis)
Lithuania - 5 (Songailia, Kalneitis, Kleiza, Jasaitis, Jankunas)

So again as you see. Out of the top national teams, USA with Greece had the least amount of players from 2006 play in 2012.

So don't go implying that the "core" of Team USA has played more than other national teams because as I have proven, they have played less.
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