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Second best behind Irving easily. He has a much greater impact on his team, and how they play, and winning than Chandler or anyone else not named Mr.4th quarter.

He started the year slowly but his ability to move off the ball, and tire out defenders is very underrated. He can put shots up off the dribble, off the catch, off the screen and still makes cuts.

Don't know why he would get knocked for defense. He usually guards the better guard (so Curry doesn't have to) and at 6'7 does a great job of staying with quicker players. He isn't going to steal the ball etc but he plays smart and good position defense.

Also, his passing is good. He is not supposed to pass. He is a shooter. However, off screen rolls with Lee you see that he makes that cutting pass with skill and precision. He passes just often enough to make defense think about it. GS wants him to put the ball up though. They run 10 screens for him to get a shot. If he passes after all that it just stalls the offense.
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