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Default Re: Should Raptors try to get Pau Gasol?

Originally Posted by DJMason
Considering we've got Gay now, why the hell not. Tanking's off the table. I'm just not sure how we make the $$$ work without including Derozan as well. I'd probably make that deal... Not sure LA would
Pretty much. Might as well go full-retard at this point and try to win. Rebuilding is totally scrapped which is a shame.

The key would be to dump either Bargnani's (preferably) or Derozan's contract in any deal. The huge downside of such a deal getting done and the Raptors showing some "promise" going into next year is that Colangelo would stay on. That would not be acceptable. The Raptors future hinges on getting rid of this idiot. I'm really hoping that he is acting as nothing more than a "puppet" and there's a Wayne Embry working with ownership in the shadows behind the scenes.

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