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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

jackass, what would it actually take for you to learn something in this sport? if ovie was in a super-intense fight and suddenly shattered in to thousand pieces of crystal, would you finally get the memo that he's a fragile gem? or would it take additional pieces? a million shards of crystal, maybe?

and you can keep doing your little thing and nitpick all the offending statements you find all over the world if you feel like it. good for you if it makes you feel better. but dude, seriously... are you ever going to get the memo about your particular HW mancrush? i mean.... ever??

do you REALLY think your guy is going to show JDS something? really??

i would honestly feel bad for you at this point, but you've been such an obnoxious blowhard across this whole thread that there's not much reason left for me to be cordial at this point.
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