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You could watch current fights and then when you see guys you like, then check out their history. Starting out seeking out the most heralded fights in MMA history is another good way to go, but then you're effected by other people's biases. I'd probably say to go check out past fights from the top guys in history.

HW: Fedor, Big Nog, Couture, Cro Cop, Barnett
LHW: Liddell, Wandy, Jon Jones, Shogun, Dan Henderson
MW: Anderson Silva, Franklin, Sonnen (well, you probably don't have to invest much time in the MW division)
WW: GSP, Shields, Condit, Hughes, Fitch
LW: Penn, Edgar, Melendez, Gomi, Ben Henderson
FW and below: Aldo, Faber, Torres, Cruz, Bowles, Benavidez
Plenty of others: Sakuraba, Gracies, Frank Shamrock, Rutten, Vovchancyn, Severn, Ortiz, etc...
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