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Default Re: Browns fans I offer you a solution to your QB woes: Alex Smith

I'm OK with going after Alex Smith. I haven't completely given up on Weeden, but he struggled down the stretch of the season and seemed to have serious confidence issues in the last six games or so.

That isn't good for a young QB. I've seen a lot of guys come and go over the last 13 years (obviously) and the thing that is always the first sign of their downfall is a visible lack of confidence. That is when you start seeing a barrage of dump-offs, screens and sacks. They don't want to pull the trigger.

Not saying Weeden is done, because he actually does have talent. He has a very nice arm, a good sturdy frame and pretty decent accuracy. If he were five years younger, I would be more than happy to give him another year or more to get it together, but he needs to grow at a faster rate than other inexperienced QBs do to his age.

Alex Smith is an interesting case study. When he has been good in the NFL, he is a very reliable, rock solid starting QB. However, the question has always been, was he a product of Norv Turner and then Harbaugh in his good years, or is he just a good QB regardless of the situation?

But, having Norv here does help out in that respect. Reuniting them would make sense.

I will tell you that there is a lot of buzz here that this move will ultimately be made. Not sure if that is media-driven or actual solid information coming from the front office, but it is being talked about quite a bit.

Btw, there was a celebration in Cleveland today when Art Modell was denied again for the HOF. That's it for him. If he couldn't make it in this year, he'll never get in.
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