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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by gigantes
jackass, what would it actually take for you to learn something in this sport? if ovie was in a super-intense fight and suddenly shattered in to thousand pieces of crystal, would you finally get the memo that he's a fragile gem? or would it take additional pieces? a million shards of crystal, maybe?

What are you blabbering about? He takes 9 clean shots from a 300 pound HW to go out and he's a fragile gem? Every fighter is a 'fragile gem' if they get hit in the wrong spot. Some are better at recovering than others. Maybe Overeem sucks at it, but maybe he never should have been in that position in the first place. You can't get that careless against a dangerous opponent (he shouldn't have done it against Lesnar either).

and you can keep doing your little thing and nitpick all the offending statements you find all over the world if you feel like it. good for you if it makes you feel better. but dude, seriously... are you ever going to get the memo about your particular HW mancrush? i mean.... ever??

Is it always going to be these continuous, vengeful comments when someone disagrees with you? You're like a little kid in this manner. How many asinine rants can you have? A mancrush because I'm a fan of a particular fighter? Why are you singling him out? Did it ever occur to you that maybe I've been defending him more than others because he's been one of the more criticized fighters out there for years? I'm a fan of many fighters: Alvarez, Pettis, GSP, and Jim Miller to name a few.

do you REALLY think your guy is going to show JDS something? really??

You're boasting about the guy who got his ass beat for an entire fight? That's the guy you have overwhelming confidence in? Whatever floats your boat. I never said Overeem would destroy JDS. I always had that fight as damn near even (the last time I talked about it, I think I might even have given the edge to JDS due to cardio).

i would honestly feel bad for you at this point, but you've been such an obnoxious blowhard across this whole thread that there's not much reason left for me to be cordial at this point.

You're delusional, but I'm guessing that won't sink in since you can't seem to pull your head out of your ass. You celebrate Overeem's loss like a dickhead, but I'm the obnoxious blowhard? When the hell have you started being cordial with me? You've been a dickhead for a while and I'm not exactly sure why. You're not going to hurt my feelings if you throw in some bad words. If you want to hold some sort of petty grudge, then that's your problem.

I know what I say will matter little since you seem to always see what you want to see. So whatever, continue on your little, petty grudge. If you want to take out some anger issues or whatever on me, then fine, my feelings won't get hurt so have at it.
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