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Default Re: Roberts Rebellion

Originally Posted by dunksby
That's the advantage and the disadvantage to picking/getting KL, I mean cause the moment we start the game everybody is gonna be mostly neutral minded. Then it does not matter how big of an offensive or defensive army you have since you gotta find allies and if you don't you are ****ed and will be wiped off anyway. To be clear, let's say I get KL, knowing my strengths and weaknesses what I do is I recall my loyal subjects and try to win the Reach primarily then the Westerlands. It's the same case with everyone cause you have to have friends or lose badly.
ETA: It's Robert's rebellion after all, rebels gotta come and get KL and the throne's subjects should repel them, so the defensive advantage and the offensive handicap makes sense.
Okay.. I guess I can fux with that.
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