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Default Re: Should Raptors try to get Pau Gasol?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Saw this idea on another forum (IGN):

Gasol, Blake, Jamison


Bargnani, Derozan, Kleiza, Gray

Again, given that the Raptors are not going to rebuild as much as I want it to happen, I'd be down for that kind of a deal. I have no idea why the Lakers would want to take on both Bargnani and Derozan but I don't know what the perception of Derozan's value is around the league.

I take that deal 10 times out of 10. Ross seems to be everything Derozan is but slightly better and not making 10 million per and to me one of the worst things about getting Gay on this current team is that Ross will be hindered in terms of minutes. Again, like I've said in another thread my understanding is the Lakers want to move Gasol because he's underperforming his 19 million contract and they don't want to pay unnecessary luxury taxes, so I'm not sure why picking up $20 million in 3 underperforming players would be something they'd do.
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