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Default Re: Should Raptors try to get Pau Gasol?

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
Saw this idea on another forum (IGN):

Gasol, Blake, Jamison


Bargnani, Derozan, Kleiza, Gray

Again, given that the Raptors are not going to rebuild as much as I want it to happen, I'd be down for that kind of a deal. I have no idea why the Lakers would want to take on both Bargnani and Derozan but I don't know what the perception of Derozan's value is around the league.

we'd be able to get more for DeRozan for sure. I think the general consensus around the league is that DeMar is a player waiting to break out and in need of a different situation. They are wrong, but it doesn't mean we don't exploit it.

in general a trade that's Gasol + filler for Bargnani + filler is a god send. I already accepted a couple months ago that we'd get nothing but scraps for Bargs but if we could get Gasol we'd be able to at least win a couple of playoff games, maybe sneak by a 3rd seed.

This is as far as our rebuild is going people. get used to it. if we make the playoffs BC is gonna be resigned FOR SURE
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