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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I think he came back too soon. He doesn't seem confident on that knee. He missed a wide open dunk tonight. He isn't jumping with explosion. I'm not saying I think he re-injured it but I definitely think he's thinking about it still.
ACL injuries vary from person to person. He may not get that explosiveness back this year and it could be possible ever. Time will tell. I dont know if he's gotten over that mental part but if you watch him plant on side to side motion plants can give you an idea.

Originally Posted by franchize
OK um, so can we put the "can Melo play with Amare" stuff away and start STAT now?
I dont want Amare to start though. I do think he can play at least 30 minutes a game

Originally Posted by bluechox2
felton is our x-factor, and i wud want to rest him a bit more to get his finger healed in time for the playoffs, we were terrible when he was out with barely any ball movement and since hes been back, hes fit in nicely with our other 3 scorers (melo/amare/JR) and is actually finding the right guys along with melo and the spacing has been good.
I'm glad someone is giving Felton credit. It made me sick to argue Felton's value to the team over all the Kidd love. His play makes everyone better. His confidence to shoot the 3 (makes it or not), penetrate and kick. Giving opportunities for the bigs to get easy baskets or feed the post just gets taken for granted.

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