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Default Re: Any NHL fans? Teach me hockey.

Originally Posted by D-Rose

Thanks, bro. I love that it's so much more fast paced than even basketball or football on offense. Everything happens fast and it's tense. Not to mention the game can change fast. Like, I can't believe Hossa scored with 2 seconds left after the Flames had just scored with 30 seconds left!
You're going to want to go watch games. IMO the sport translates well to television, but whereas the TV focuses on maybe 1/3 of the ice at a time, in person is when you really start to realize how fast and explosive of a game it is. Seeing the entire ice can also help you get an appreciation for the game and you see a lot that you don't on TV. If you think it looks fast on TV, you'll be shocked at how quick it looks in person.

Not even just NHL hockey; Chicago has an AHL team (one step below NHL, they are ironically the Canucks' affiliate) as well as a USHL team (junior hockey - up to age 20). Those games will be quality and entertaining in their own right as well.
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