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Default Re: Official Super Bowl Game Thread - Baltimore vs. SF

Originally Posted by knickballer
I didn't watch the game but if I'm not mistaken that game was during a bad streak of the Ravens where they looked flat.

I just think the Ravens have all the vital components to stop that offense. Ngata is a great DL who'll penetrate his gap and some and Cody is a clog up the middle, not sure about their other DL. Niners O-line won't push around the Ravens front 7 the way they did against Green Bay and Atlanta. If the Ravens can control the LOS then they should be able to contain them.

Then you have 4 quality LB's of the Ravens in which I don't see the niners have much success of getting out of the edge of the fields against the Ravens 3-4 system. Seems like the perfect combination to stop the pistol. I expect Suggs and Kruger to be going after Kaepernick all night

I think the Niners do a lot of dump offs to the TE's to force Lewis's old ass into coverage which is not his strong suit. I think the hope will be the TE's can break some which would help loosen up the defense in other places. The Niners would probably be better off with a pass first approach, but is Kaepernick as well as he's played ready to be the primariy offense and not play off the run?

One thing i think will hurt SF is the lack of substitutions they make on defense. The Super Bowl's huge amount of excitement is draining, and the Niners may wind up earlier on sucking up too much energy since they don't sub in and out.

I also think the Ravens will be a calmer team, their Harbaugh looked much more relaxed than the 49ers.

Pretty much i like the talent better of the 49ers but a lot of the little things here and there i think favor the Ravens.
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