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as what i have said in my earlier post. i thought the lakers were thinking of getting lebron on 2008. but after signing radmonovich they are well above the salary cap now and on 2008. kobe-odom-bynum-radmonovich eats up to 40+million of the lakers salary. so getting lebron is off the list... (by the way kobe and lebron could co exist because lebron is very unselfish and kobe now learns the value of having a superstar partner since losing shaq)

what the lakers should do is
1. hire a good role player like a gerald wallace or a marcus banks w/ the fre agency market

2. trade odom,mihm,smush and cook for KG...

3. trade for mihm and get a solid player...

mihm is very attractive to teams because he has low salary and is a solid player.

by signing radmonovich they got 1 of 2 players that could solve the puzzle for the lakers to beat the suns in the west finals. if they can't get the other 1 raja bell will be laughing at kobe again....
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