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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

I'm glad someone is giving Felton credit. It made me sick to argue Felton's value to the team over all the Kidd love. His play makes everyone better. His confidence to shoot the 3 (makes it or not), penetrate and kick. Giving opportunities for the bigs to get easy baskets or feed the post just gets taken for granted.

I've been saying it all year. Kidd and Chandler get the bulk of the credit whenever we play well but it's clearl that Melo, Jr and Felton have been our most important players this year. I knew we'd struggle when Felton went out. He's the only guard w have that penetrates consistently. He has been like a blessing for Chandler's game. Between the easy alleys and putbacks, Chandler looks like a factor on offense when Felton is on the court. When Felton is out, simply put, our offense has no flow and we rely on Jr and Melo to torch teams.
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