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Default Re: Barclays Center celebrates its one-millionth guest

hopefully she can attend a few select events and sell a healthy percentage of the those tickets to add to her living money. okay then, hmm... trying to figure out how many events she'll be getting and what the tickets are worth for such.

41 basketball games plus... how many other events? judging by feb and mar, about five unique events per month. so maybe 5 x 12 = 60 for a total of 100 sets of two tickets for the year. at... let's say... $50? per ticket, that's about a $10,000 value, i guess.

so, not enough to add to her retirement, but fun times and some extra cash for the next year.

they should give stuff like this away more often since it doesn't actually cost them much and is great, great publicity. my opinion.
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