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Default Re: Why Matt Ryan is still better than Flacco.

Compare Raven's offensive line to Falcon's offensive line.
- Matt Ryan got sack once in the playoffs... 10 times less in the reg season.

Compare Raven's run game to Atlanta's run game.
- Yea lets compare a team that commits to the run first vs a pass first.

Matt Ryan had 3 receivers to work with, Harry Douglas is straight though.
- Matt Ryan has Tony G, 93 receptions this year, White/Julio has more receptions than Baltimore top guy too.

Matt Ryan, the best quarterback under pressure, no doubt.
- Had the ball with a chance to win and turned it over on downs, 0 points in the 2nd half, 3 turnovers.

Matt Ryan, a guy who had to do it all. Falcon's defense absolutely was SHIT this playoffs.
- Baltimore defense gave up more points than ATL did in their game... I'll stop there.
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